Sharing Knowledge of Nice Cap Design and Production

Sharing knowledge of design, production and others on hat industry, from detail design and best material selection to completely producing and processing a product.
Now, Tram Anh Caps supplies types of caps: advertising cap, sport cap, baseball cap, fashion cap, broad-brimmed hat, ...

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Knowledge Sharing

  • Five famous markets specialize in trading clothing raw materials in Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh City is one of the large economic centers all the countryside. It is not only a dense and young city but also a place where a mass of age-old and bustling markets have been gathered together. Each market in Ho Chi Minh City has each specific characteristics. The following article will introduce about famous markets in Ho Chi Minh City specialize in supplying clothing raw materials in general and caps in particular - a potential fashion industry in nation.
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  • Advertising cap - Great design, qualitative product, impressive brand

    In recent years, along with development of many forms of PR, advertising, popularization of brand applied generally and simultaneously. In order to communicate full message for interprise brand, they usually order uniform, clothing, shoes for their staff as a simple PR but effectively. An accessory that comes with uniforms loved by the companies is the advertising cap.
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  • The diversity of advertising cap models to effectively popularize brand

    In the big events, in order to make a strong impression on the customers about enterprise's brand, many enterprises want to synchronize staff's uniform by uniform with company's brand. Along with these uniforms, the adverting cap is one of the appendix used popularly. The advertising cap affirmed its position as a cheap marketing method but getting effect a lot.
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  • Cap segment in advertising cap's products

    Why's Tram Anh Caps confident in themselves? What's the difference of products belong to Tram Anh Caos segment? May these advertising caps make sure the norms belong to high-grade, mid-grade and common segment? We will reference to make discrimination of advertising cap on every grade that it designed and processed on request by Tram Anh Caps.
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  • Advertising cap and new idea in the brand popularizing trend

    Advertising cap becomes one of the new trends now. This media strategy is more and more important to popularize enterprise's brand. Therefore, advertising art also becomes more attractive. However, though it is a form whatever, the main purpose of media leads to customer's knowledge and attention; gives them information about enterptise's brand.
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