Sharing Knowledge of Nice Cap Design and Production

Sharing knowledge of design, production and others on hat industry, from detail design and best material selection to completely producing and processing a product.
Now, Tram Anh Caps supplies types of caps: advertising cap, sport cap, baseball cap, fashion cap, broad-brimmed hat, ...

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Knowledge Sharing

  • Top 5 Company sewing Hats in Viet Nam

    Top 5 best hat companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Each company has different characteristics, Meeting all customer needs in terms of output and product quality. Rest assured when ordering production in these hat companies.
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  • 6 most popular hats when traveling in the summer

    In every trip - going out, we always have companion items for our trip to be more decent. Almost when I travel, I always choose for myself the suit set for my destination. And the attached accessories to further improve the outfit so that we can float and have pictures like that. So the indispensable hats in the suitcases of boys and girls. Let TramanhCaps reveal to you some of the best hats for every trip.
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  • 14 14 Types of Headwear

    On the market there are many types of fabrics used in the garment industry. But there are 14 types of fabrics that are frequently used in brand advertising hats. These 14 fabrics will meet almost any need to produce any hat.
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  • The cap shows your style

    Head is one of the most important parts of body, so we should have tools in order to protect our head from danger in environment. But, cap may be the most handy tool, it protects your head, beautifies yourself as well as expresses your personality and hobby. Not just for any person, cap will beautify everyone in any age, especially user's character.
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  • The designs are suitable for special holidays every year

    Noel, Western New Year and Lunar New Year are coming. So enterprises have "a headache" for finding a special gift to give to their customer and staff. How to be comprehensive in staff's teamwork such as: teambuilding, social activity, outdoor activity, ... Caps with enterprise's logo or name maybe the most suitable choice.
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