Advertising cap - Saigon Beer Special

Advertising cap - Saigon Beer Special. Tram Anh Caps has cooperated with Saigon Special Beer on producing advertising cap for this brand with over 3000 caps of all kinds since 2016.

Advertising cap - Saigon Beer Special

Advertising cap - Saigon Beer Special


Sai Gon Beer has experienced 142 years of history, 40 years of building and developing brand. From the milestone of 142 years, the golden flow of Beer has always been maintained to develop in  the future and always exist in the feelings of Vietnamese people who are proud of Vietnamese products.
Tram Anh Caps has cooperated with Saigon Special Beer on producing advertising cap for this brand with over 3000 caps of all kinds since 2016.
PRODUCT: Avertising, event cap - Saigon Beer Special

Shape: long curved peak


Size: 57.5 cm, can be adjusted by lock

Feature: anti-radiation, high-absorbent cotton

Made in: Tram Anh Caps, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


It was Tram Anh Caps' designers who designed the caps (2 models) as the customers' requests. The primary colors of the cap are white and green, which is simple and subtle.

The caps are woven by khaki applying Taiwan technology so the products have high durability, nice form and subtle seams. This makes the caps more valueable.

The logo of 2016 SAIGON SPECIAL cap was printed at high temperature so it had great durability, precise colour as well as was closely stiched to the fabric and hard to be peeled off. Besides, the peak was completed with 3 stripes and green hem so the cap didn't look tedious but more young and dynamic.

This year, Tram Anh Caps uses 2D embroidery technology of Thailand so the cap has even embroidered lines, great detail, nice colour, and higher durability. Besides, the peak of the cap is added 3 white lines along with  wavy green hem, which makes the cap more sporty and suitable for advertising events.

The lining of this types of cap is made of cotton which can absorb sweat well. Although being a medium-class product, Tram Anh Caps always pays much attention to the users' feeling. Therefore, apart from the lining, 2/3 of the back side of the cap is also designed as a honeycomb, which creates comfort for events like roadshow or parade, so on.

  Size of the cap can be adjusted easily by the stick lock which is the same color as the body.


Tram Anh Caps company specializes in trading caps which is qualified enough to export, especially advertising caps of famous brands, such as: Shell, Tan Son Nhat golf course, Da Nang Golf Resort, Phu Quoc, Dong Bac, Ton Hoa Sen, and so on.

1. Meet customer's strict demands

2. Competitive price

3. Creative designers

4. On-time delivery

5. Professional - Devoted - Resposible


Step 1: Diluting detergent with water.

Step 2: Soaking mixture above in a minute and use soft brush (tooth brush) to rub stains lightly

Step 3: Rinsing with water (don't squeeze in order not to damage cap's form) and expose to the sunlight until it is dry (not expose too long because detergent and sunshine makes cap’s color faded).

Note: don't use shampoo, shower cream and detergent to wash.

Or you could go to the laundry to clean cap better.


Tram Anh Caps Company specializes in designing and processing cap for advertising, event and travel as request; we can make advertising cap with brand for staff on competitions or combines with uniform in events and golf activities.

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For more information about the products of Tram Anh Caps - speciallize in consulting and designing kinds of cap for advertising, name brand, event, staff...

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Model: Net cap mixed with cloth

Material: front side: khaki; back side: net

Embroidery form: 2D

Peak is made of good plastic and has hem

Cork: metal covered by cloth

Lock: 7-hole plastic