14 14 Types of Headwear

On the market there are many types of fabrics used in the garment industry. But there are 14 types of fabrics that are frequently used in brand advertising hats. These 14 fabrics will meet almost any need to produce any hat.

1. Vải Khaki (kaki)

Khaki fabric (khaki)
Khaki, (Hindi: dusty, light brown,) is used primarily for military uniforms. It is made of cotton, wool or a combination of synthetic fibers. then be followed in different ways.
The Khaki uniform was introduced in 1848 by Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden and William Stephen Raikes Hodson to the British colonial army in India and was found to be particularly effective for battle and battle. Khaki was widely used during the Indian rebellion (1857) and was later used as the official color for British, indigenous and colonial military uniforms.
Khakhi fabric advantages: less wrinkle, durable, long color retention.

vai kaki dung trong san xuat mu non

In Vietnam there are many types of khaki fabrics that are being used but stand out for use as hats and are popular in the following categories:

2. Type 1 khaki fabric in Vietnam and Vietnam Kaki cloth type 2.

This is the best choice for sewing promotional hats for businesses that don't have a lot of money to produce hats. The quality and price of Vietnamese Kaki fabrics are higher than those of parachute fabric. This is the best neutral fabric between quality and price, usually customers use Vietnam Kaki cloth cones are schools, training centers and travel companies.

3. 65/35 Khaki cloth hats

65/35 khaki fabric consists of 65% cotton, the remaining 35% polyester with this ratio combination, khaki fabric ensures thickness, moisture absorption and material durability. But the price is cheaper
The 65/35 khaki material colors are available in a variety of colors to match the company's logo colors. The basic colors are complete, and the other colors are different in color compared to the main colors to create a variety of colors for customers to choose.

With the same frame and segment, 65/35 khaki material has many advantages over other fabrics in terms of durability, material and color.

4.100% cotton Khaki hats

100% cotton khaki fabric is woven firmly with 100% cotton material, bringing a cool and cool feeling. Cotton material is famous for sweat absorbency, elasticity, and accentuates embroidery patterns or patterns on the surface of the material.

5. Khaki cotton hats and cotton velvet.

Capital is khaki fabric 100% cotton but surface is treated by lightly scratching 1 layer to create a feeling of soft velvet fabric. The price of khaki fabric is more expensive than 100% when it comes to wasting more fabric. This fabric is often used to sew high-end hats for companies, banks, high-class tourism, international school uniforms, hats to Southeast Asian markets, uniform hats for US schools, Europe.

6. Successful Khaki Fabric

Produced by Vietnamese company Thanh Thanh Cong. Thanh Cong Khaki fabric has the main ingredient is Cotton with the rate of 83% Cotton - 17% PE is used a lot in the field of sewing hats.
Thanh Thanh Cong is a well-known textile and garment unit in Vietnam, so the product quality is confirmed for a long time and is favored by many customers.

7. Korean khaki cloth hat or Samsung Kaki

SamSung Khaki fabric is imported from Korea, also a family of khaki fabric but produced on the line and technology of kimchi country. The price is higher than the cotton velvet fabric, the fabric is strong and durable when used. Usually this is a fabric commonly used for sewing snapback hats..

8. Jean Wax and Jean Non Wax Fabric

Jeans fabric is a fabric woven from 2 fibers and indigo blue from Cotton Duck and is a raw cotton fabric. This fabric is favored due to its durability, repeated fabric washing problems are ensured in color and elasticity.

Jeans are used to make hats for many brands that have technical or manufacturing products..

9. Parachute fabric.

Parachute fabric is a high-quality fabric usually produced from two or more materials: cotton, polyester, nylon, and / or artificial silk, which is a coarse, breathable and fairly durable fabric. Has high waterproof ability, washable and quick drying.
Cloth materials though today are widely used and popular in industrial production industries, producing fashion products such as shirts, pants, backpacks, bags, hammocks ... or field of advertising hats.

10. Mesh fabric.

Net fabric is a fabric made from PVC or PP beads. ... Does not weave horizontally like fabrics made from silk or natural fibers. Net fabric is made of plastic particles, through the process of creating a net fabric with a certain hardness, to meet the needs of each individual use.
- High aesthetics: Plastic woven net fabric, many different colors for customers to choose to use for each different design. The beautiful and attractive plastic colors bring high aesthetic to the design product, increasing the impression for each product line produced by this fabric.
- Plasticity, easy to use: the fabric has elasticity and plasticity, is used to mix with other fabrics on a hat. Net fabric has the best air permeability. It is often used to make hats in golf courses or sports venues.

11. Spandex fabric.

Spandex is the name for fabrics that have elasticity. This type of fabric has the best and most commonly used elastic properties for making apparel and clothing. Spandex is easy to use and easy to cut and should be loved by both fabric sellers, designers and consumers. Based on the combination of materials and how to create elastic fabric samples to meet different needs.

12. Xi Fabric.

Xi fabric has the main component of PE, so it absorbs sweat only at average level because Xi fabric is thinner than Khaki cloth, so it can deceive the cool feeling of wearer.
Silks are used to produce lightweight cones. Consistent in the cement factor

13. Simily fabric (imitation fabric)

The fabric is fake like real leather. Simily fabric construction consists of roofs woven by polyester and PVC. The surface is covered with a gloss that looks as glossy as real leather.
Simili cloth is used to create stylish fashion hats. However, this product is almost non-hygroscopic and sweaty. It should be very limited to be used as a hat in Vietnam.

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