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The diversity of advertising cap models to effectively popularize brand

In the big events, in order to make a strong impression on the customers about enterprise's brand, many enterprises want to synchronize staff's uniform by uniform with company's brand. Along with these uniforms, the adverting cap is one of the appendix used popularly. The advertising cap affirmed its position as a cheap marketing method but getting effect a lot.

1/ The advertising cap - The new marketing trend

On the advertising cap trend with logo or brand of companies for their staff in events, activities or present for customer so the design and process of advertising cap become a potential field  for a lot of companies want to invest. On that with a mass of companies major in processing advertising cap is too hard to find out a prestigious company to convey customer's brand effectively, it is really a question for many companies want to order advertising cap.

Tram Anh Caps - Both cap factory and cap producer major in consultant and design cap on customer's request. We ensure to convey full message which companies want through image on advertising cap. By understanding diversified mentality, new things and creative thought Tram Anh Caps has produced a mass of various kinds of advertising cap.    

mũ quảng cáo

2. Travel cap - Event cap

Tram Anh Caps has skilful staff major in design, a factory produces travel cap and event cap printed logo, symbol or brand on request. The products of Tram Anh Caps always lead to public events and activities of company such as: event, festival, voluntary activity, popularizing brand, anniversary of sports, outdoor activities,...

Tram Anh Caps is flexible in supplying the samples of advertising cap belong to different ranks as high, middle and normal that ensure enterprise's request and purpose. We use materials as Vietnamese khaki type 1, Vietnamese khaki type 2, velvet cotton khaki, cotton khaki 100%, khaki 65/35, parachute fabric, burlap, ford fabric,... Along with staff major in embroiding logo and symbol professionally and cleverly.

Nón du lịch

3. Hiphop cap - Snapback cap

Hiphop cap (or Snapback cap) is a cap that expresses dynamic, individual and style for wearer, it is usually used in big music events. The common hiphop cap is a branch of baseball cap is varidated in the 1980s.

In the modren life, the young who like dynamic style is very interesting in hiphop cap or snapback cap. Therefore, companies lead to the young as potential customer who are dynamic, self-confident and stylistic, usually choose kinds of advertising cap belong to hiphop-snapback as a present to show company's brand.

 By understanding customer's mentality as well as people who use Hiphop cap - Snapback cap, Tram Anh Caps, Snapback cap producer give a lot of models satisfy customer's request about fashion. We still use Vietnamese khaki (type 1), Vietnamese khaki (type 2), velvet cotton khaki, cotton khaki 100%, khaki 65/35, samsung khaki (type 1), samsung khaki (type 2), spandex, ... But selection of color, design co-ordination, sewing and embroidery technology have to higlight young, dynamic and creative style.  

nón quàng cáo snapback

4. Half-head cap - No-top cap

Kinds of half-head cap or no-top cap is usually used in sports (golf course, cheering,...). The sport organizers offen it them to popularize their brand as well as give partner and special customer as a present. The half-head cap, no-top cap is still ranked on advertising cap printed and embroidered logo or brand on customer's request.

Tram Anh Caps with potentiation about workforce, prestige and experience will commit to create best products so as to satisfy customer's request and make the best advertising caps. The materials of half-head cap are the common and favourite types of fabrics today, such as: Vietnamese khaki (type 1), Vietnamese khaki (type 2), velvet cotton khaki, cotton khaki 100%, khaki 65/35, samsung khaki (type 1), samsung khaki (type 2), spandex, ...

nón quảng cáo nữa đầu

Tram Anh Caps is known as one of the companies major in cap design, the top cap producer on customer's request at District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. With heartfelt attitude in cooperation and understanding customer's request throughly to produce the nice and qualittative caps. Our saying is " devotation, all might, major sound"

For more information about Tram Anh Caps - company majors in consultant, desigh and production on kinds of cap.


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